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Reichhold REACH Position

Reichhold is well aware of REACH and is committed to achieving compliance with this European chemical regulation in close cooperation with our valued customers and suppliers. We have had a multi-disciplinary team in place since early 2007 to understand REACH and prepare for its successful implementation.

REACH is substance-based, not product-based. Most of the products that Reichhold manufactures in the European Union and the European Economic Area contain polymers, which are exempt from registration under REACH. However the constituent monomers do require registration and we are in regular dialogue with our supply chain to ensure that as the final registration deadline approaches in 2018, we have access to REACH compliant raw materials.
For those products that Reichhold manufactures in Europe that do not meet the definitions of polymers, Reichhold in Europe has already REACH registered a number of materials and is actively participating in SIEFS for substances with a 2018 deadline.

Reichhold, Inc., Reichhold do Brasil Ltda., and Reichhold Quimica de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. which manufacture products outside the EU, have appointed Reichhold UK Ltd. as their Only Representative. Reichhold UK Ltd. has pre-registered various substances to allow continued import of selected products and quantities into the EU by designated European importers pursuant to separate agreement. We anticipate that such products will continue to be available in the EU through the applicable registration deadlines. As the last deadline approaches, we are pro-actively reviewing the volumes and import routes into Europe to determine appropriate action for compliance.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will be the main tool for communicating hazard information, risk management measures, and exposure scenarios with our European customers as various provisions of REACH are implemented. Customers should follow our advice on measures to control risks and inform Reichhold of their uses and any new hazards so this information can be communicated up the supply chain.

Questions concerning our REACH position should be directed to Reichhold's REACH specialist

Questions concerning our Safety Data Sheets and Classification and Labelling should be directed to Reichhold’s Product Safety specialist:

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