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Reichhold Commemorates 90th Anniversary

24 January 2017

Reichhold has achieved another milestone in the history of our business and is proud to announce our 90th anniversary.

Founded in 1927 by Henry H. Reichhold, Reichhold has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and a leading supplier of coating resins for a wide variety of markets and applications.

Our long history of innovation and commitment endures and now, more than 90 years later, this same spirit of innovation is alive and can still be found in Reichhold’ s portfolio of products, services and delivery of customized solutions.

Reichhold truly appreciates the contribution, loyalty and dedication of not only our employees, but also our customers, suppliers and all those who have contributed to our continuing success throughout these 90 years.

Reichhold now looks forward to continuing our commitment to the growth of our business as our legacy endures.

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