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ENVIROLITE® 31325-00 is an un-promoted, medium reactive, low viscosity unsaturated polyester molding resin derived in part from natural resources. The ENVIROLITE® 31325-00 was developed to incorporate new raw materials based on renewable resources. Specifically, this product is based on Soya Oil resin and has a “green” content of 25%. The product is intended as a general purpose molding resin for SMC, BMC, and Pultrusion applications. The soy resin yields laminates with mechanical properties/performance that are similar to standard SMC, BMC, and pultrusion resins.

  • Derived from Natural Oils
  • Low Viscosity
  • Flexibility
  • Provides Renewable Content for "Green" Applications
  • Formulation flexibility for high glass and filler content
  • Good Balance of mechanical properties and toughness
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