Reichhold Values
At Reichhold, we believe a company’s values should be the basis for how business is done, every day, not something you pay a consultant to create. Values should be simple, easy to understand, and basic guidelines for how you do business.

Reichhold’s treatment of customers, suppliers and employees should illustrate the company’s belief in these simple values:

Operate Ethically and Legally
Ensuring that a company and its representatives operate in a legal and ethical fashion should be a given value, but we choose to highlight the importance of both in an era when some companies try to draw sharp distinctions between what is legal and what is ethical.

Reichhold does not tolerate unethical or illegal conduct by its employees. We put ethics ahead of short-term financial gains, which we believe will create loyalty when customers are treated fairly and equitably.

Create Value for Our Customers
Reichhold achieves success only when our customers succeed. We strive to create value for customers through innovative products, unmatched customer service and value-added services which all combine to give our customers the tools they need for success in the markets they serve.

Keep the Company Intact
When Reichhold was acquired from Dainippon Ink and Chemicals in 2005, the goal of the project was long-range in scope, with the idea of keeping the company together by strengthening its foundation.

The management buyout was the starting point for a new beginning at Reichhold, not the beginning of the end. Long-range business and succession planning have been undertaken to make Reichhold a strong and viable independent company.

John Gaither

President and CEO

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