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POLYLITE Profile 33540 is an unpromoted, non-thixotropic, unsaturated polyester laminating resin developed to be used with specific alumina trihydrate fillers for fabricating FRP tooling.

POLYLITE 33541 is a pre-promoted, non-thixotropic, unsaturated polyester laminating resin version of POLYLITE 33540-00.

POLYLITE Profile 33542 is a pre-promoted, prefilled unsaturated laminating resin suitable for the construction of FRP tools.
We pioneered it.
We engineered it.
We improved it.

For 15 years our POLYLITE® Profile Tooling Resin has set the standard. Now it's back with a premium pre-filled one-pack system.

  • No shrink

  • Simple process

  • Reduce build time by 80%

  • Eliminates print-through

  • Exact reproduction of master

  • Lower composite cost
  • Total dimensional stability

  • Pre-mixed

  • Eliminates surface distortion

  • Best in surface quality, strength, and heat resistance

  • Better tool service life

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