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NORPOL® FI-170 is a multi purpose bonding paste based on an orthophtalic polyester resin. NORPOL® FI-170 is used for the bonding of GRP laminates and key application areas are marine, transportation etc.

  • Based on an orthophtalic polyester resin
  • Good strength and toughness
  • The bonding paste is pre-accelerated
  • White colour
  • Contains a colour indicator and changes colour when catalyst is added
  • Provides good adhesion between GRP parts
  • Thcinesses up to 10 mm can be applied without  getting curing cracks
  • Good resistance agains sagging, up to 15 mm joints
  • Can be applied both by using machines like Applicator IPP 8000-200 or by hand
  • Approved by Germanische Lloyds
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