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CORROLITE™ IMPACT 9102-75 is a pre promoted bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester resin. CORROLITE™ IMPACT 9102-75 is formulated to provide reduced viscosity and improved curing for enhanced performance in infusion of large structural reinforced composite wind blades. CORROLITE™ IMPACT 9102-75 can be used in most other methods of fabrication with no additional modifications.
  • Premium epoxy vinyl ester polymer
  • Stabilized resin system
  • Low Viscosity
  • Extendible gel time to several hours at ambient temperature without affecting the cure
  • SPC/SQC Controlled
  • Very good high-temperature stability
  • Tough, crack and stress-fatigue resistant laminates
  • Demonstrates efficient flow in reinforced composites produced via the infusion process
  • Improved glass fiber wet-out
  • Excellent for use in vacuum infusion and thick cross section structural laminates
  • Consistent performance, batch-to-batch
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